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Most of the acorns fall in September or October, but it varies from one oak tree species to the other. Once they fall, there are plenty of things you can do with them.

You can collect them and dispose of them, or you can shred them and make them into mulch.

If you have oak trees, you must be wondering, when do acorns fall from oak trees?

If you don’t like the trouble of collecting the acorns, you should stop the oak trees Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins. Oct 21, Acorns fall off oak trees in September and October. Image Credit: dulen/iStock/GettyImages The blue jays are happy, the squirrels scamper around with their cheeks stuffed and deer congregate at the base of the oak trees (Quercus spp.) in your stumpchop.buzzted Reading Time: 4 mins.

Aug 03, Typically, acorns “fall” around fall- in boom and bust cycles- to help plant new trees and to provide a nutritious food source for a number of critters. But when the acorns are green and dropping early, it indicates the tree is under some kind of weather-related stumpchop.buzzted Reading Time: 2 mins. Reason #6. Strong Winds. Reason #7. Insects, Birds, And Rodents.

Other Reasons That Might Make Acorns Fall Early Include: It is quite common to see fruit trees bloom, burst, and produce fruits earlier/later than the expected season.

Also, it is natural to see fruit trees failing to produce even a single fruit with all the favoring factors in stumpchop.buzzted Reading Time: 6 mins. Oak trees, meanwhile, depend upon boom and bust cycles, and a few uneaten acorns, for theirs. Amazing Acorn Facts. There are about 90 species of oak in North America. All oaks produce acorns. Acorns belonging to trees in the red oak group take two growing seasons to mature; acorns in the white oak group mature in one season.

Aug 06, RE: When do the acorns fall? This is an interesting post. I just spent two days hauling climbing sticks and a hanger about 3/4 of a mile up a ridge.

Also, don't be afraid of the aggressive multi-shake.

Aug 25, Acorns will fall out of trees when you shake them! Note that this only occurs in Fall. In the Northern Hemisphere, this will be from September 1st to December 11th, and in the Southern Hemisphere this is from March 1st to June 11th. Their drop rate seems to be rather low, so have patience when going after them. Acorns Only Drop From Deciduous Trees.