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Jul 26, Pruning should be done annually, beginning at the time plants are set. The best time to prune blueberries is in late winter to early spring (January to early March) after all chance of severe weather has passed.

Young bushes generally do not require as much pruning, however, trimming blueberry bushes throughout the growing season may be necessary to maintain overall health and stumpchop.buzzted Reading Time: 2 mins.

How do you prune an overgrown blueberry bush? Generally, I recommend growers remove two-thirds of the new shoots the first year and then about half the new shoots the second. An alternative to cutting the whole bush down is to remove one-third or half the. What time of year do you trim blueberry bushes. The best time to prune blueberries is in late winter to early spring January to early March after all chance of severe weather has passed. Pruning should be moderately heavy in the second year.

Blueberries should be pruned during the winter while the bushes are dormant. Prune blueberry plants. Feb 03, Blueberries fruit on one-year-old wood, so if you cut the branches back hard in November it's unlikely you will get any fruit this summer, though you should next year.

To avoid loss of fruit, it’s best to prune out just a few of the oldest canes each year to keep the bushes productive. May 20, Fruit is borne on one-year wood. Pruning in summer and fall, before buds are visible to the eye, sacrifices next year's fruit. Late pruning also stimulates new growth that leaves bushes vulnerable to winter cold damage.

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With dormant pruning, canes are seen clearly and large flower buds stand out on one-year wood%(75). Remove any diseased or broken wood, plus crossing branches. You want the bush to have a narrow base and a wide, open top that allows sunlight and air in. The best time to prune blueberry bushes is late winter while they're still dorant. Every year, use the following steps to prune your blueberries. Prune bushes in late winter when they are still dormant.

As your plants grow older you want to focus pruning to maximize fruit production by giving the best canes plenty of room. Mature bushes have a mix of younger and older canes.