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Plant in full-sun, if possible, but this shrub will also grow in partial.

Dec 04, Pruning or Trimming Purple Sand Cherry and growing Sand Cherry from Cuttings.

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In this video you will see how I cut Purple Sand Cherry in the fall to make sure they grow nice and tight and don’t get thin and spindly. You will also learn how to take all of those clippings and use them to make hardwood cuttings of Purple Sand stumpchop.buzzted Reading Time: 6 mins. At full growth the purple leaf sand cherry will stand about 8 feet high and feet wide at its top. Tall branches can get heavy and slow growth, it is best pruned in the early summer/late spring when the blooms promote growth, it should be pruning should be done in late stumpchop.buzzg: Weymouth MA.

How To Prune a Purple-Leaf Sand Cherry. Purpleleaf sand cherry (Prunus x cistena) is a deciduous shrub prized primarily for its bright reddish-purple leaves that turn bronze-green in fall. This Missing: Weymouth MA. Sep 21, Rejuvenate a neglected or overgrown purple-leaf sand cherry by hard pruning all of its branches down to within 6 inches of the ground in late winter, before its initial spring growth spurt.

Tip Even with yearly pruning and careful cultivation, purple-leaf sand cherries become more susceptible to pests and diseases after they reach the age of 10 years and and begin to decline in health and stumpchop.buzzg: Weymouth MA.

Apr 16, Pruning Purple Leaf Sand Cherry.

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Pruning should be done as needed after the flowers come in spring in order to maintain a tighter oval shape. Begin by trimming the oldest stems first, removing about a third of the existing growth, and leaving a few inches of the trunk exposed at the base. Always remove any branches or twigs that are damaged or stumpchop.buzzg: Weymouth MA. Purpleleaf Sand Cherry. Prunus x cistena. This is a very hardy flowering landscape specimen with reddish-purple foliage that keeps its unique color all summer.

Because of this, the purpleleaf sand cherry makes an excellent contrast tree. It can be planted close to paved surfaces and near utility lines and can also be used as a deciduous stumpchop.buzzg: Weymouth MA.

Jul 05, Prune sand cherry bushes at any time of year, whenever pests and diseases are present or the shape of the bush needs to be controlled. Sterilize the blades of your short-handled pruning shears and hedge clippers in boiling water to avoid transmitting infections to or from the cut branches. Leave the blades in the pot for 30 to 60 seconds to Missing: Weymouth MA.