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Besides the notorious left drop, ficus plants infected with scale exhibit yellowing leaves. The yellow spots appear on the tops of the foliage while the insects suck sap and chlorophyll from the bottom. Leaves may wilt, become stunted, and you may see decreased vigor overall in the stumpchop.buzzted Reading Time: 9 mins. Sep 16, It could be because of its care or environment. This plant requires bright, indirect light and regular watering to thrive. Any environmental stress, such as underwatering or cold drafts, can cause ficus tree leaves to yellow and then drop off.

The leaves will almost always regrow once the underlying cause of the ficus dropping leaves is stumpchop.buzzted Reading Time: 3 mins. Why are the leaves falling off my ficus tree? Change in environment – The most common cause for dropping ficus leaves is that its environment has changed.

Incorrect watering – Under watering or over watering both can cause a ficus tree to lose improperly watered ficus tree may have yellowing leaves and the ficus tree leaves may curl. How long do ficus trees. Jan 19, Dropped leaves. 3. You let it dry out.

There are two different types of scale insects that infest ficus trees: soft and armored scale.

This plant likes moist soil that drains well. If the soil gets too dry, it drops leaves, usually while they're still green. 4. You overwatered it. When this happens, the leaves often fall off yellow like those above. Solving the Problem The easiest solution to a sickly ficus tree like this is to throw it Author: Steve Bender.